Statement of Purpose

This is a statement of purpose for the Lionwood Medical Practice which sets out the following information:

  • The full name of the service provider and of any registered manager together with their business address, telephone number, and where available electronic mail addresses.
  • The legal status of the service provider.
  • Details of the locations at which the services provided for the purposes of the regulated activity carried on.
  • Our aims and objectives in carrying on the regulated activity.
  • The kinds of services provided for the purpose of carrying on of the regulated activity.
  • The range of service user needs which those services are intended to meet.

The Lionwood Medical Practice is a general practice partnership open to all patients living within our practice boundary in Norwich and the surrounding areas. We work in partnership with our patients and our patient forum to provide medical care for our patients

We are a general medical services (GMS) practice offering primary care services for the diagnosis and prevention of disease. We help patients to manage their health and prevent illness.

Our GPs:

  • Assess, diagnose, treat and manage illnesses.
  • Carry out screening for some diseases and promote general health and wellbeing.
  • Act as a patient’s advocate, supporting and representing a patient’s best interests to ensure they receive the best and most appropriate health and/or social care.
  • Provide the link to further health services and work closely with other healthcare colleagues.
  • Arrange hospital admissions and referrals to other services and specialists and they link with secondary and community services about patient care, taking advice and sharing information where needed.
  • Collect and record important information from other healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of our patients.


Lionwood Medical Practice, 30A Wellesley Avenue North, Norwich, NR1 4NU

Our mission statement

To improve the health, wellbeing and lives of those we care for.


To work in partnership with our patients and staff to provide the best primary care services possible working within local and national governance, guidance and regulations.

Our aims and objectives

  • To provide high quality, safe, professional primary health care general practice services to our patients.
  • To focus on prevention of disease by promoting health and wellbeing and offering care and advice to our patients.
  • To work in partnership with our patients, their families and carers towards a positive experience and understanding, involving them in decision making about their treatment and care. Involving allied healthcare professionals where it is in their best interests.
  • To be a learning organisation that continually improves what we are able to offer patients.
  • To treat patients as individuals and with the same respect we would want for ourselves or a member of our families, listening and supporting people to express their needs and wants enabling people to maintain the maximum possible level of independence and choice.
  • To encourage our patients to get involved in the practice through an annual survey and encouragement to comment on the care they receive.
  • To ensure all staff have the competency and motivation to deliver the required standards of care by ensuring that all members of the team have the right skills and training to carry out their duties competently.